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National Association of EMT’s (NAEMT)
Principles of Ethics and Personal Leadership (PEPL)
Provider & Instructor Course

The Principles of Ethics and Personal Leadership (PEPL) is a new NAEMT course for EMS practitioners. This 16-hour course provides EMS and Mobile Healthcare (MHC) practitioners at all levels with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively interact with patients and their families, other medical personnel, co-workers, supervisors and community residents at large.

The course covers topics and skills in the following areas:
   • personal and professional core values
   • ethics
   • decision-making
   • duty to serve
   • strategies for conflict resolution
   • ambassadorship for the profession, their agencies, and the community at large

Through course presentation, dialogue, and learning activities, including written and video case studies, students will explore the importance of ethics and personal leadership, identify their leadership roles in civic life as individuals, family members, professionals, and members of the community, and practice the skills important to the exercise of personal, ethical leadership

To be eligible to attend the instructor course you must provide 2 letters of recommendation and a copy of your CV for review by NAEMT. Acceptance in the Instructor course must be approved by NAEMT PEPL Committee.

Please complete a registration separate form for provider & instructor course.
For additional information please contact LREMS at (843) 529-0977.

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Course NAEMT's Principles of Ethics and Personal Leadership (PEPL)
Provider & Instructor Course
Course Number LR-033
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